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Primary Sources
Sephardic Editions, 1550-1820

Sephardic Editions, 1550-1820
Spanish and Portuguese books written and/or published by Sephardic Jews of Early Modern Europe

Meyer Kayserling's Biblioteca espaƱola-portugueza-judaica (1890) is a hallmark of Iberian and Jewish bibliography. It reveals the importance, richness, and variety of the culture produced by the Jews of Spain and Portugal, both the exiles of 1492 and the many converted Jews - the "New Christians" or "conversos" - who returned to Judaism between the sixteenth and the eighteenth centuries. Many of the editions included in Meyer Kayserling's bibliography are exceedingly scarce. With this collection of Sephardic editions, IDC Publishers makes the Sephardi heritage generally available to modern research.

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