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Primary Sources
Early Western Korans

Early Western Korans
Koran Printing in the West, 1537-1857
This collection of Early Printed Korans demonstrates what impact the holy book of Islam achieved in Europe. Long before printing with movable type became common practice in the Islamic world in the early 19th century, Korans were printed in Arabic type in several European cities. This collection includes Korans and Koran translations in eight languages. It is of interest to orientalists, theologians, philologists and book historians alike.

This collection is now available on primarysources.brillonline.com, Brills' new platform for primary source publications. Click here to view this collection on BrillOnline Primary Sources.

An updated file with MARC21 records is available through the link in the left column. These records are using DOI's for linking to the online copy. The registered URL's will be updated with the URL's of the titles at the new platform in the first quarter of 2014.

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