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Primary Sources

Primary Sources

Through its imprint IDC, Brill makes primary source materials available for research in the Humanities, International Law and Biology. More than six million pages have been scanned and can be accessed. Part of this material is organized in (thematic) collections. An overview of these collections is available by clicking on Collections in the left column. Many of these collections are part of a Series. An overview of these Series can be accessed also in the left column. Other parts are available at:


Other Online Resources of Brill are available at:



Titles in our primary-source collections are carefully selected with assistance from our academic advisory boards. Sourcing partners include The British Library, the Bodleian Library, Cambridge University Libraries, the Bibliotèque nationale de France, the Herzog August Bibliothek, the Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale di Firenze, the Russian State Historical Archive, the New York Public Library and Human Rights Internet.

For a 30-day free trial (institutions only), information on consortia deals and pricing options, please send your request to sales@brill.nl.

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